News » December 2008


Christmas lunch, bring it on…

My Christmas lunch … a family we tend to sit down for lunch around 1.30pm, we (my two brothers, wife, new baby, mum and grandparents) will be in London at my mum’s this year. The festivities will kick off at...

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Birds, bubbles and Banyuls

In the past I viewed Christmas with mixed feelings at best. Childhood memories of wonderful excitement are mingled with recollections of tears, tantrums and the most disgraceful cheating

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Justin's Festive Refreshments

Over the last few years wine consumption in the Randall house at Christmas has dwindled to a mere trickle. Last year’s paltry effort so traumatised me that I made a promise to up the quality in 2008

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Christmas Day drinking

I know that there will be no shortage of good wine this festive season as I have been put in charge of sorting out the Christmas drinks!

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What I will be drinking this Christmas?

This will be the first Christmas when it is just my mother and I, as my brother James, after 36 years, has finally flown the nest, leaving my Christmas drinking habits glaringly exposed under the full scrutiny of my teetotal...

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