Wine Investment | Investment Policy

Goedhuis & Co Ltd has a defined policy on investment.

  • Numerous factors, including broader political and economic factors, influence the fine wine market both positively and negatively, hence we can only provide advice on certain matters.

  • We offer advice on the quality and anticipated longevity of wines, and whether they are appropriate for inclusion in an investment cellar

  • We offer advice on the current market valuation of fine wines

  • We will provide our view of a wine’s potential for increasing in value over time, based on expert knowledge and experience of trading in the fine wine market, however this is only an opinion and does not guarantee any particular outcome

  • We are not a financial institution and are not able to give financial advice

  • We recommend that prior to investing in wine you visit and/or speak to an Independent Financial Advisor

For more information or to discuss a potential investment please contact our team of fine wine experts on or call +44 20 7793 7900 in the UK or +852 2801 5999 in Hong Kong.