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The other day David Roberts MW and I were discussing one of the downsides of being a wine merchant. On arrival at a dinner your host tells you he has opened something a bit special. Panic sets in as this has...

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Rhone Tasting Part 4 – St Joseph, Cornas and Hermitage

Room Three, which is largest gallery at the Saatchi, featured a series of wines from the lower Northern Rhône. It was buzzing with excitement. Four domaines were pouring. Domaine Barret’s Crozes Hermitage

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Rhone Tasting Part 3 – The South

The finest art space coupled with an array north to south of our celebrated Rhone growers made for a fascinating and highly enjoyable evening last Tuesday.

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Rhone Road Trip

In order to have the samples for our Rhone Tasting in the best possible condition, we sent our latest recruit, Harry Scott-Dempster, off in a Transit van to collect the bottles.

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Rhone Tasting Part 2 – The Midi

Room One had to be the most diverse room certainly in flavours and also geographically speaking as all the estates came from different parts of Southern France.

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