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At what temperature should you serve wine? The instinctive reply might be that white and rosé wines should be served chilled and reds at room temperature. While not incorrect, it is also not quite that simple and as far as...

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Video | Explore 2015 Produttori del Barbaresco Riservas

Watch this video to find out from Aldo Vacca about the 2015 Produttori del Barbaresco Riservas: what makes the 2015 vintage great in Barbaresco, vintage comparisons and his favourite wines of the vintage.

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Video| Barbaresco & Produttori del Barbaresco with Aldo Vacca

Aldo Vacca of Produttori del Barbaresco gives us a short overview of the Barbaresco region in Piedmont (Italy). Aldo highlights the differences between the wines of Barbaresco and Barolo, the characteristics of the Nebbiolo grape variety, and the history of...

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When Promontory came to lunch

With the busy Burgundy 2018 campaign winding down, we look towards the superb releases coming out of Tuscany and Piedmont. But first, some lunch! This week we had the pleasure of welcoming the team from Promontory Wines to Goedhuis HQ....

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Barolo & Barbaresco 2016 | The “dazzling” vintage

Piedmont is about to release one of its best vintages in decades. The 2016 vintage has been lauded by every producer in the region and by the global critics. It is utterly magical and surely set to go into the...

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