News » June 2014


2002 Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill

Since its inception in 1975 the new release of Pol Roger’s prestige cuvée, Sir Winston Churchill, has always been a standout event in the wine world

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A hell of a hangover

Ashamed that I have never come across this brilliant description of a hangover before. Introduced to this by Boris J on Saturday, from Lucky Jim

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Dinner with Domaine Chandon de Briailles

Five days have passed since our Chandon de Briailles dinner. It was such a delicious dinner and the wines so good that The White Swan and these great wines deserve a huge plug.

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The Chairman's View on the Fine Wine Market

14 months ago we were raising money for Vintage Capital. The wine market, which had peaked in June 2011, was showing such signs of recovery

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Chandon de Briailles Dinner: Tasting Notes

There is something very special about the famous family domaine of Chandon de Briailles in the heart of Savigny lès Beaune. For me it epitomises everything that is exciting about great Burgundy. At a wonderful dinner

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