Environmental & social awareness

Goedhuis & Co are committed to continue making changes to become as environmentally and socially responsible as possible and are always open to suggestions as to how we can improve upon this further.

We have a dedicated Green Team who tackle and monitor our social and environmental performance.


We store our wine in Octavian Corsham, which is built 100 feet under the hills of Wiltshire in solid Bath stone providing the perfect natural environment for fine wine cellarage without wasting energy on temperature or humidity control.  We consolidate both our shipments from abroad and our domestic deliveries in order to reduce our Carbon Emissions.


We deliver all our wines in their original packaging where possible to reduce waste and re-use packaging and boxing. All case and box waste is recycled. We introduced a new range of packaging in 2012 created from 100% recycled material.


We are continuing to reduce the number of printed offers that we send out and circulate the majority of our wine news and offers via email, social media, our website, telephone or good old fashioned face to face. Internally, we use an online platform for information sharing which reduces the amount of printing in the office. We prefer and encourage our clients to pay through our website using their online account and invoices are always sent out electronically unless there really is no email address available.


Recycling bins are positioned inside of our offices and we encourage everybody to make use of them for all recyclable refuse, including paper, glass and corks. For the latter, we work with Recorked UK.


For domestic business travel, we like to use public transport where possible and the company oyster card is always kept topped up. Many of us cycle to work and we are implementing the Ride2Work scheme in the office for a more environmentally (and economically) friendly way to move around London. To conserve energy and reduce waste, we use air-conditioning very selectively and are looking for ways to be more efficient.


Goedhuis are extremely active! Currently, we have Goedhuis members currently playing tennis, football, training for marathons and doing Bikram yoga. We have showers in our new London offices so we are able to run/cycle/skip into work or pop out at lunch.


Johnny and Laura (Goedhuis) set up Carefree Northants charity (reg. 1140093) to help in a number of ways to improve the lives of those who have learning disabilities and we continue to support them with fundraising events and activities. They also hold the leading wine dinner in the UK, ‘The Wine Dinner’, which has taken place every 2 years since its inception in 1990, and which attracts many top wine lovers and collectors and a number of prominent wine growers from both Burgundy and Bordeaux. The Wine Dinner has now raised in excess of £2.5 million for children and care-based charities, which in 2018 will be The James Wentworth Stanley Memorial Foundation and the Bee Hive in Northampton. 


We are members of the Drinkaware trust, which highlights the dangers of alcohol misuse through innovative and challenging campaigns online, in print and in communities countrywide and also partners of the Public Health Responsibility Deal in which we commit to taking action voluntarily to improve public health through Goedhuis’s responsibilities as employers, as well as through our commercial actions and community activities. We also make an annual donation to The Drink Trust, formerly The Benevolent, which provides support, care and assistance to the drinks industry workforce since 1886.