Wine storage

A wine, imperfectly stored, is at risk of being out of condition when the cork is eventually pulled and is certainly a less attractive resale proposition. Whether buying for investment or for future drinking it is equally important that your wine is stored in exemplary conditions.


We recommend storing your wine with Private Reserves Ltd, our independent wine storage company set up by Johnny and Laura Goedhuis in 1988 which has grown to be one of the largest and most respected wine storage operations in the UK.

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  • Building a mature cellar: whether for investment or personal enjoyment this can be intensely rewarding. However few of us have suitable space to accommodate a growing cellar of wine. By using a professional storage facility there is no limit to the number of cases you can buy.
  • Perfect conditions: for optimum maturation wine should be stored in the dark at a constant temperature of around 13°C with reasonably high humidity levels.
  • Access to the finest wines: some of the most sought after wines are rarely found in the secondary market, so buying on release and laying them down is often the only opportunity to acquire these wines.
  • Best price: buying wines on release (whether in bottle or still in barrel) should be the most cost effective way of laying down a cellar.
  • Spread the cost: if wines are purchased In Bond, payment of Duty and VAT is not required until delivery is taken.
  • Investment: The Fine Wine market has grown dramatically in the past decade. Proven provenance and an exemplary storage history are crucial to obtaining the optimum price for a wine.