What I will be drinking this Christmas?


This will be the first Christmas when it is just my mother and I, as my brother James, after 36 years, has finally flown the nest, leaving my Christmas drinking habits glaringly exposed under the full scrutiny of my teetotal mum. So the answer to what I will be drinking with her this Christmas is simple….. “Too much darling”…….. So what will I be drinking too much of?………

Christmas morning will start off with a glass of Sloe Gin, opening presents and the traditional family argument about nothing.

Then I go to the Orphanage, where I spend the rest of the day dressed as Father Christmas doing magic tricks for the children. Then I wake up…….. and its off to our friends the Timmis’ where a glass of Gardet NV Champagne or Hendricks Gin & Tonic with cucumber will be thrust into my hand while I weave in and out of an assault course of grandchildren.

Richard, my host is incredibly generous at Christmas and has promised to serve Chateau Lafite 1982 with lunch (which he needs to order, but he doesn’t seem to be returning my calls at the moment). The rest of the afternoon will pass by effortlessly with a glass of 2006 St Veran, Domaine de la Croix Senaillet or 2003 Chateau Pontac Monplaisir, while I tirelessly explain the rules of some game to the women of the house and beg them to concentrate for five minutes.

I wish everyone a Happy Christmas, thank them for their business this year and look forward to offering my advice in 2009.