News » December 2008


On the Second Day of Christmas…

….my true love sent to me a pair of antique Victorian sterling silver and cut crystal pair of claret jugs.

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On the First Day of Christmas

There is some debate as to whether this is simply a popular romantic song celebrating Christmastime or an aide memoire for Catholics concealing their faith in Elizabethan England

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JC's Christmas Crackers

Christmas morning – stockings, Ralph, Caroline and Percy in the bed, a fuzziness of head and an anticipation of the first drink of the day, which in my case will be as soon as church is done. Nothing refreshes a...

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Tom's Burgundian Christmas Fix

I am staying with my brother for Christmas this year so have no idea what he has planned. Hopefully I will get intructions to go to the cellar and crack whatever I desire.

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Christmas in the Strutt household

With two small boys there is rather a lot of excitement and activity with the lead up to Christmas in the Strutt household. Christmas can be a huge amount of work and rather exhausting but when you have young children...

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