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Looking ahead to La Place's Icon releases | September 2021

September always has a back-to-school feeling about it, left over from childhood when the end of the August Bank Holiday signalled the end of the summer break and warm weather. The wine trade too usually takes life at a slightly...

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Tasting at Tenuta Le Calcinaie

The prospect of a wine tasting at Tenuta Le Calcinaie on a Monday, the day after our wedding, seemed a little foolhardy as we drove past San Gimignano, especially given the tasting was deep in the Tuscan countryside down a...

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Plenitude versus Plentitude

Rebranding anything is difficult. People are conservative by nature and even when something has a terrible name to start with, like “Oil of Ulay”’s change to simply “Olay” or “Opal Fruits” to “Starburst”, there’s the feeling that something’s been lost....

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The Merits of Twitter

For those who say Twitter is good for nothing and a waste of time, I am going to have to disappoint you. On the 17th, courtesy of Château Brane-Cantenac and the vinous blog 12×

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UGC Tasting at Somerset House

Last week, the great and good of the UK wine trade descended upon the sun drenched Portico Rooms of Somerset House, for what is becoming an essential

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