2018 | Barolo's most Burgundian vintage yet


The 2018 Barolos I tasted for this year’s preview left me elated, energised and excited. With the colour of crushed rubies, the wines are extremely elegant, perfumed and charged with super-fine tannins. Their transparency accentuates in a clear-cut way the distinction between crus and villages and makes these wines almost ephemeral – Barolo like you have never seen before”. Walter Speller


2018 is a classic Barolo vintage which has allowed individual expression to shine. We are delighted to have kicked off our 2018 vintage campaign with the stunning collection from Elio Grasso; click here to browse the range. Keep an eye on our offers page to discover more from Barolo's top producers as the month progresses. 

As we discovered on our long-awaited return to the region last month, many producers have made excellent wines that will drink early, and growers feel that confident that the crystalline, ethereal fruit, fine tannins and great acidity that have defined the vintage will also allow the 2018s to age. Vintages like 1998, 2006, 2008 and 2014 were regularly cited by growers when we asked them to compare 2018 to previous vintages. Throughout our visit, we found that it was the single vineyard sites that really showed this beguiling blend of approachability and age worthy structure. However, it is a year were some caution is required: the growers skills were tested to the full and it is important to focus and be selective. We are therefore delighted to have done the hard work of finding these stars of the vintage and offering you the very best the 2018 has to offer over the coming weeks.

We really believe in the 2018 vintage! It’s the reason why we chose to produce the single vineyard crus” Martina Grimaldi

Just like Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo can express terroir in a precise and elegant way, especially when allowed the long growing season Barolo experienced in 2018. Warm days encouraged the development of complex flavours and cool nights kept them fresh, elegant and balanced with refreshing acidity.

We found ourselves with a classic harvest in 2018, which nobody was expecting after the warm and dry early summer months ... 2018 has a similar feel to 2014 but with much more complexity” Lorenzo Scavino

The true challenges came from the rains that dominated spring, which outpaced several growers and resulted in yield losses due to rot. However, many were able to avoid significant losses, and indeed this early influx of water allowed the berries to swell, resulting in thin, delicate skins. When coupled with the long, slow and dry ripening season that followed, 2018 has given wines with an incredibly fine structure and some of the finest, silkiest tannins ever seen in Barolo.

2018 is a vintage based on finesse… it’s a bit Pinot Noir, these cooler vintages always are and it has a charming feminine beauty to it” Gianluca Grasso

We were very impressed by their quality of the 2018s. Whilst they may not be the powerhouses that we have become accustomed to from previous years such as 2015 and 2016, they offer amazing approachability and continued elegance in maturation, thanks to both supple tannins and a well-defined backbone of acidity and perfume. We echo the thoughts of many of the growers (and critics) that this is a Burgundian vintage.