Very sad news from Ch de Sours


My good friend Martin Krajewski, the owner of Ch de Sours, emailed us last week announcing the tragic and sudden death of Sebastien Lamothe, the wine maker who has done so much to improve the quality of their wines.

Martin wrote:

“For me Sebastien was not only a very fine man, wine maker and partner but also a great, close and dear friend. We have closed the property for the rest of this week but it will reopen on Monday and it will be as Sebastien would want ‘business as usual’.

Last year Sebastien made our best ever Rose wine and it will remind us of him all around the world wherever we are and whenever we drink it. This is a very sad time for the whole Chateau de Sours team and extended family but we will go forward and build upon all of Sebastien’s hard work and wonderful achievements.

He was so full of delight that our wines featured on so many tables all around the world and brought joy to so many …………….. all that remains for now is to say that I hope that we have a great summer and his wonderful Rose wines bring smiles to many faces.”

Our thoughts are with Sebastien’s family at this very sad time.