Three New Team Members at Pontet Canet


Ch Pontet Canet has been a rising star since 1994 under the management of Alfred Tesseron. He began practicing Draconian-like measures to extract the most potential from his top Pauillac property. This year he has now gone one step further and has “˜hired’ three new furry Pontet Canet team members.

Vines need arid and well-drained soil to grow to their maximum potential, but unfortunately continual work with heavy tractors in vineyards has caused the soil to become compacted. This is not just a phenomenon at Pontet Canet but all over the wine producing world. Alfred’s goal of using the more light-footed horses is to allow his vineyard to breathe a bit better.

These horses are just one step closer to Alfred’s overall goal of adapting to each vintage’s needs. Several years ago, he installed state- of-the-art, temperature-controlled concrete vats to better master his winemaking. Now, these horses will allow him to produce better fruit from his vines.