News » January 2009


Graham Nutter on Burgundy 2007

Our favourite wine producer from the Minervois, who has been drinking fine Burgundy for almost as long as we have been selling it, has sent over his impressions from our tasting last Thursday.

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The Goedhuis Christmas Lunch

This year’s Christmas lunch was held in our board room in keeping with these austere times. But there was nothing austere about the wine!

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A perfect 10…

There are a couple of things I am always slightly apprehensive about telling people. Firstly, I absolutely hate Strictly Come Dancing.

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Chateau Latour for sale

For those of you with a few spare hundred million Euros (or rather more depending on whom you speak to) who have always wanted to own a First Growth Bordeaux Chateau now is your chance.

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The last three days of Christmas…

Call me unromantic, but surely it feels like a done deal now? If my true love had done this well I would be tempted to let him off the last three days of presents.

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