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Bordeaux UGC 2010-2011 # 3

I love the smell of Merlot in the morning! I knew we were in trouble as we left our

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Bordeaux UGC 2010-2011 # 2

Day two and the sun continues to shine gloriously in Bordeaux as it appears to have done for the 2010 vintage. Early impressions have been confirmed that this truly is

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Bordeaux UGC 2010-2011 # 1

The sun was shining brightly in Pauillac as we started our intense week of tasting the Bordeaux 2010 vintage. There is a question lingering on most tasting tongues and

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Bill Blatch on Bordeaux 2010 Continued

As promised here is the second installment of Bill Blatch’s masterwork on the soon to be released 2010 Bordeauxs. For anybody thinking that wine merchants had exhausted their stock of superlatives in 2009

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Bill Blatch on Bordeaux 2010: An embarrassingly good vintage

Each year Bill Blatch (of the Bordeaux negociant Vintex) publishes an incredibly detailed vintage report, covering everything from bud burst to the (almost) finished barrels in the cellar.

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