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Would I let my brother buy it?

We are pleased to have seen the back of 2012. A wine market that spiked too hard and fast in 2011, a forgettable Bordeaux EP campaign, sluggish

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Vieux Château Certan 1971

“The 1971 is a little wine, pleasant enough, but lacking concentration, richness, character, and length. It has been ready to drink for some time, and now seems to be losing its fruit.”

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No Sauvignon in the Sahara

When one thinks of Egypt, one maybe conjures up visions of 3000 years of history nurtured by the mighty Nile , preserved in the sands of the Sahara…….. others may just think of Mohammed Al Fayed queuing up at the...

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Burgundy Tasting – Room Five

My task for our Burgundy tasting last week was to set up room 5 of Saatchi Gallery. They currently have an exhibition of Modern Indian Art and I was greeted

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Burgundy 2008 – the Whites

2008 was recognised internationally as the “year of the Frog”, but there was nothing green about the 2008 white Burgundies.

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