Lunch at Castello Argiano


Is there a better invitation than a lunch at Castello Argiano? The glorious setting where the wonderful Sestis make their wine, write their books, extend with open arms their hospitality, entertain their friends and dispense their glorious wine, grappa and olive oil.

Giugi is a true renaissance man. He even managed to make me feel better about us leaving the EU by reminding me of Henry VIII’s break with Rome and the flowering of talent that ensued. Could Theresa May be the 21st century answer to the Virgin Queen?!

Over the week we managed to taste and drink most of the wines produced at this viticultural paradise. Our staple was Montellicio 2014. This hasn’t arrived in the UK yet but, not withstanding the difficulties of the vintage, there is a treat in store.

Could Montellecio Sesti be our best value wine? Vintage after vintage it is just delicious, hugely drinkable and utterly moreish. We tasted the Rosso di Montalcino 2014 against two other comparable wines, one four times the price. Amongst a quality tasting team the Sesti’s Ross stole the show.

Now back to the lunch, and what a lunch: simple but utterly delicious, and all under the relaxed direction of Sarah Sesti. The wonderful Rose’s pasta mezzo manica with pesto and other magical ingredients would have Put Jamie Oliver’s efforts to shame, and her recipe for the plum ice cream deserved to be in the best Tuscan cookbook. All this bounty was accompanied by the superb Brunello 2009, a wine I know well but that tasted even better amongst the beautiful surroundings of Castello Argiano.

Staying with us was OJ, once a young intern at Goedhuis & Co. His training programme for the Amsterdam marathon was an inspiration to us all: 12 Peronis a day, a couple of glasses of Sesti Rosato, a bottle of Montellecio, 20 rollies and 20 Camels, and he is still aiming for under 4 hours! What an athlete.

Monteleccio IGT Castello di Argiano Sesti 2013
£155.00/12 inc VAT | £12.92/bt inc VAT
A brilliant value 100% Sangiovese from the wonderful Sesti family in Brunello. Packed with rich, bright cherry fruit and a hint of raspberry on the finish. This consistent crowd-pleaser is simply delicious.