Is Red Wine & Red Meat a Perfect Combination?


I have long felt first hand the benefits of a regular in-flow of red wine, but never having excelled at science the actual explanation eluded me.

A recent article in the Economist throws some useful light on this delightful subject that red wine exercises its benefits before it entering the bloodstream.

Chile and Argentina are meant to produce the most healthful of reds, particularly the Malbec grape, and if you want the real apogee of this then pour yourself a glass of Caro, which is the very impressive joint venture between Dr Nicolas Catena and Baron Eric de Rothschild of Ch Lafite Rothshild. I am drinking my 2004 at the moment, which with a tender steak, particularly a succulent Argentinian cut, is paradise. It positively tangoes across the palate and brings a smile to my face putting the Jokers to shame.

Rip open the reds and enjoy the myriad flavours, feel the blood coursing freely through the veins as the resveratrol works its magic. Enjoy wine, enjoy life.