In the Vines with… Laurent Pinson


9 thought-provoking questions & answers from Chablis. Meet winemaker Laurent Pinson.


1. What is your most important wine experience?
The highlights were in 2015 when a huge thunderstorm hail destroyed our vines three days before beginning the harvest.

2. Who is the person with whom you prefer to drink wine?
With my family in general and my children in particular.

3. What would your best recommendations be if someone came to visit your area?
Eat at Fil du Zinc restaurant and go to see an AJ Auxerre football match.

4. With whom would you dream to work?
With my grandchildren who are only 5 and 7 years old to pass on my experience.

5. Who is or was your mentor and why did you choose him or her?
My grandfather Louis Pinson with whom I worked for five years. He shared with me his knowledge of terroirs and his passion.

6. What motivates you?
My love for my work.

7. What is the biggest challenge you face today?
The preservation of the vegetative material of the oldest parcels, because with it you can have an efficient renewal of vines.

8. What is your greatest achievement?
My two daughters!

9. And now? I am going to check the progress of our 2018 wines with a small tasting…

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