Dispatches from Burgundy


It can seem churlish to complain about the punishing schedule our buyers stick to when tasting in Burgundy or Bordeaux. Hundreds of wines are tasted and analysed, the vicissitudes of the weather are discussed, copious notes are taken to be deciphered back in Blighty but there really is very little time for reflection, let alone creative writing in between the vineyard and cellar visits.

Which is why we are particularly pleased to have some initial thoughts from David Roberts who is on the first of several trips to Burgundy this autumn, focussing principally on white wines.

“Initial thoughts on whites:

A very small crop of high class wines in 2012.

As a result of three seperate hails storms in June, July and 1st August 2012, yields are down by as much as 50 percent.

Consequently the wines have incredible concentration but with a drive of freshness on the finish stopping them from being excessively fat.

Some delicious Chablis with more depth and concentration than 2011.


I also tasted a few reds, but will get a better idea in November. The wines I have tasted have a lovely strong dark berry fruit quality and initial signs are very optimistic.

Last night I visited Pommard which was devastated by hail in late July and it is hard to see how some growers will even get a crop in 2013 so devastated are the vines.

Following a cool spring and summer 2013 will be a very late harvest, 1st and 2nd week in Oct, so everyone is really keeping fingers crossed for some proper sunshine over the next 3 weeks.”
We will have more detailed thoughts from David on his return next week and will be offering some of the whites early in October.