Bordeaux 2005 En Primeur E.T.A.


A tidal wave of 2005 Bordeaux is expected to hit these shores in February. We will be shipping our 2005s in February/March of next year as long as the weather isn’t too cold. It will mean that for Private Reserves clients your wines will be in your account in April and deliveries will start in May.

For those clients who have wines scattered far and wide in Bonds stretching from Burton-on-Trent to Canning Town it’s the perfect time to consolidate all your wines in one place. For information about Private Reserves please contact Laura Goedhuis who runs the best storage business in the UK. Ok, I am married to her so I am somewhat biased…. but truthfully it is a very good storage company. Competitively priced, secure, immaculate storage conditions and an informative website. It is also the only storage company to use Liv-Ex’s independent valuation service.