NV Glenturret Lalique 12 Years Old 2021 Release - 1x70cl
23NVG12211PK _ NV - Glenturret Lalique 12 Years Old 2021 Release - 1x70cl
  • Colour Spirit
  • Producer Glenturret
  • Region Scotland
  • Case size 1x70cl
  • Available Now

NV - Glenturret Lalique 12 Years Old 2021 Release - 1x70cl

  • Colour Spirit
  • Producer Glenturret
  • Region Scotland
  • Case size 1x70cl
  • Available Now
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  • Goedhuis, October 2021

    For fans of the distillery, the Glenturret 12 year-old (2021 release) sets a benchmark. Oak is clearly at the forefront, as the use of both European and American oak casks is incorporated perfectly into the final dram. The result is a whisky that is teeming with notes of cinnamon and vanilla, while a touch of juniper, sultanas, and lemon zest add a certain sweetness to the nose. A creamy, honeyed mouthfeel succumbs to the more complex flavours of tobacco, thyme, and bitter orange peel, which give an already expressive whisky added oomph. The finish is long and warming, as nutmeg and cinnamon return, yet a hint of cherries provides a fruity softness to soothe the palate.



Set in the beautiful Perthshire countryside, The Glenturret Distillery is Scotland's oldest working distillery, having been in operation since 1763. Taken from the Latin ‘torreglen’, meaning rushing stream, Glenturret benefits from the River Turret, which has provided the distillery with an unparalleled source of water; an all-important component that guarantees the quality of their whiskies year on year. Since 2019, when the distillery was taken over by French glassmakers, Lalique, Glenturret has been transformed and their whiskies taken to another level. Each year, the distillery releases a new range, which is always met with critical acclaim. Although the names and age statements are kept the same, the liquid is made using different casks, resulting in subtle differences between every release, something of an aficionado’s dream!



Scotch whisky is the name given to all whiskies produced in Scotland under strict rules that govern the production: “Scotch Whisky must, by law, be distilled and matured in Scotland in oak casks for at least three years and bottled at a minimum alcoholic strength of 40% abv. The robust legal protection of Scotch – vital to safeguard a spirit globally renowned for its quality – has grown over time.” It’s a proudly British industry – 93% of Scotch whisky is sold abroad and it alone generates 25% of all British food and drink exports, employing 40,000 people. The main focus of the fine whisky market are single Malts made in relatively small quantities in a batch process using a traditional copper pot. There are also Single Grain whiskies which are mixed with single malt whiskies but made on an industrial scale. The final type is blended Scotch whisky which is a mixture of grain and malt whiskies generally mass produced. Scotland is divided into various areas where the distilleries all make whiskies with distinctive geographical characteristics. Much like fine wine, even within these regions there is a great range of styles to be discovered and enjoyed by new and experienced drinkers alike.