Goedhuis Team

Toby Herbertson

Senior Broker & Fine Wine Buyer

Having entered the wine trade in 2000, that most auspicious of vintages, my career has encompassed various areas of the business, from starting in a wine warehouse to fine wine broking to both trade and private clients via a stint at a merchant or two, I now consider myself very fortunate to spend my time buying and broking wine at Goedhuis & Company. A role as varied as it enjoyable.

I can find space in a glass for most wines with a few notable exceptions (too few to mention), though the three B’s, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Barolo possibly feature more often than not. Outside of work I enjoy following the travails of the England cricket team, playing a dwindling amount of golf and, having relinquished London living, swimming on the south coast.

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