Goedhuis Team

Megan Cheung

Office Manager, Hong Kong

Megan was born in HK and spent her teenage years studying in Sydney. Before joining Goedhuis & Co. in 2015 she was at an engineering firm working as operation admin.

Megan’s job is to ensure the whole HK operation runs smoothly & efficiently. Her dynamic duties range from booking deliveries, looking after accounts, processing payments, stock checking, and distributing statements.

She tends to drink more whites than reds because she is very sensitive to tannins. Megan likes crisp, light-to medium-body white wines, such as an old world Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Megan loves doing yoga which not only gives her physical exercise but also an inner peace and relief from the day-to-day strains of a busy city life.

+852 2801 5999