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How Liv-Ex works and what the indices track

Founded in 2000, Liv-Ex has grown into a crucial trading, settlement and data service for the fine wine market. These performance indicators have contributed greatly to the transparency and liquidity which are prerequisites for growth. Their data is based on the activity of over 400 fine wine merchants based in 36 countries worldwide, whose activity accounts for an estimated 95% of fine wine turnover globally.

Liv-ex Indices

All Liv-ex indices are calculated using the Liv-ex Mid Price. The Mid Price, which is based on merchant transactions, is the most robust measure for pricing wines available in the market. It is calculated by finding the mid point between the current highest bid price and lowest offer price on the Liv-ex trading platform. Each price is then verified by our valuation committee to ensure that the number is robust after taking into account all data at our disposal, including merchant offer prices and historical Liv-ex transaction prices.

Liv-ex Fine Wine 50

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 Index tracks the daily price movement of the most heavily traded commodities in the fine wine market – the Bordeaux First Growths. It includes only the ten most recent vintages (excluding En Primeur, currently 2005-2014), with no other qualifying criteria applied.

Liv-ex Fine Wine 100

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index is the industry leading benchmark. It represents the price movement of 100 of the most sought-after fine wines on the secondary market.

Liv-ex Bordeaux 500

The Liv-ex Bordeaux 500 is Liv-ex’s most comprehensive index for Bordeaux wines. It represents the price movement of 500 leading wines from the region and is calculated monthly using the Liv-ex Mid Price. It has been backdated to December 2003.
The index comprises six sub-indices: the Fine Wine 50, the Right Bank 50, the Second Wine 50, the Sauternes 50, the Right Bank 100 and the Left Bank 200.

Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 tracks 1,000 wines from across the world using the Liv-ex Mid Price. It is calculated monthly and was rebased at 100 in December 2003.
It comprises seven sub-indices: the Bordeaux 500, the Bordeaux Legends 50, the Burgundy 150, the Champagne 50, the Rhone 100, the Italy 100 and the Rest of the World 50.

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