The New Release of Krug Grand Cuvée Editions | 163 -164 -166 -167

Krug is the most prestigious name in champagne, synonymous with elegance, complexity and individuality of style. We recently tasted a range of the newly released Grand Cuvée Editions with Jérôme Jacoillot, wine maker at Krug. They were absolutely stunning and really deliver “the best of everything Krug has to offer”: around 23 years of craftsmanship all for under £140 a bottle! 

166 Edition: This is absolutely stunning and you can see why is receives a massive 96+ points from the Wine Advocate. Composed around the 2010 harvest, this is a blend of 140 wines from 13 different vintages, the oldest being the outstanding 1996 vintage. It has a gorgeous citrus nose, with freshly baked bread and floral blossoms. A lovely rich weightiness on the palate, creamy luxuriant notes of brioche, red apples and a touch of spice, this has layers of complexity that slowly unfurl on the long finish. 

167 Edition: As Galloni says, ‘this is positively brilliant’. Built around the 2011 vintage, this wine is a blend of 191 wines from 13 different years. The oldest being 1995 – a vintage that has always over delivered. It possesses a stunningly beautiful floral nose with white peaches and zesty apples. It is full bodied and masculine with a rich complex core. As William Kelly of the Wine Advocate says, this is a ‘Beautiful wine’ 95 points.

These Editions are the ultimate expression, the embodiment of Krug. One of the world’s finest and most complex of Champagnes. Drink now or hold - either way they are a magnificent buy. 

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