Investment Opportunities | Top Quality Bordeaux 1995 to 2016

The 2018 Bordeaux en primeur campaign proved, once again, that when it comes to driving demand, Bordeaux has few peers. Those chateaux that embraced the opportunity of matching a superlative wine with a sensible release price, saw their wines fly.

With the dust now settled on the campaign, there are investment opportunities in older vintages. Looking beyond the first growths for a moment, the dramatic improvement in quality at Chateau Canon, culminating in Neal Martin awarding the 2015 a perfect 100 points (£1,975/12 IB), has propelled this St. Emilion estate to the fore. This is unquestionably a chateau to keep an eye on and better, older vintages such as the 2005 (96 pts - £670/6 IB) & 2010 (93 pts - £1,120/12 & £560/6 IB) remain keenly priced.

Staying with the 2010 vintage, the 2010 Ch Pichon Lalande 2ème Cru Pauillac is a wine that despite being the recipient of a glowing review from Antonio Galloni has remained below the radar...

2010 Ch Pichon Lalande 2ème Cru Pauillac £700/6 IB
An eternal wine, the 2010 Pichon Lalande is a total showstopper. The first impression is one of explosive power, but time in the glass brings out the wine's more delicate, floral side. Violet, graphite, crème de cassis, licorice and menthol overtones recall the 1996, but the tannins here are much softer, sweeter and more polished. In two recent tastings, the 2010 has been positively stellar. The alternation of hot days and cool nights led to a late harvest. The Cabernet Sauvignon harvest did not start until October 7; by that date in 2009 all the fruit was in. Readers who can still find the 2010 should not hesitate, as it is a modern-day classic. That's all there is to it.98+ pts Antonio Galloni, February 2017

Bearing in mind 97+point 1996 Pichon Lalande is offered at £1,250 per 6 bottles, £700 per 6 bottles for the 2010 would suggest there is a huge potential upside to be had. 

La Conseillante is another chateau on the rise (due to the change in winemaker), and the 96 pts 2015 (£1,750/12 IB) and 98 pts 2016 (£1,800/12 IB) compare favourably when one considers the 97 pts 2005 and 96 pts 2000 are offered at £2,100 per 12 IB. 

Otherwise the better wines of the 2005 vintage are worth considering, particularly the fact that the 98+ pts Latour 2005 (£3,450/6 IB) should be a £1,000 cheaper than the 97 pts 2000 Latour (£4,500/6 IB) seems to offer an opportunity.

Whether it be mature first growths from the nineties; super seconds, thirds, fourth & fifths from the great vintages of 2000, 2005, 2009 and 2010 or the peaks from recent good vintages such as 2012 and 2014, and the great 2015 and 2016s, the selection below merits serious consideration.

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