Goedhuis Recommends: January 2020

This January, you are either in the ‘never drinking again’ camp, having overindulged during the festive period, or you feel calm and collected after the festive break and the idea of enjoying a delicious glass of wine after work in January is simply wonderful.

For the latter, we have chosen two white wines this month: a clean, crisp and refreshing Soave from one of the top domains in the Veneto, Tamellini, a brilliant every day wine, and a Chablis ‘village’ made by Benoît Droin, the 14th generation of his family to work the vineyards. Both wines are absolutely delicious and occupy two very differing price points.

The two reds that we’ve chosen to delight the palate this month are from opposite sides of the world. Our 2015 Akitu, a 100% Pinot Noir based wine from the Central Otago in New Zealand is a family owned estate where the vines are planted on old schist and aged in 25% new French oak. At five years old this is a fabulous example of a Pinot Noir that is beginning to show some secondary characteristics and is at the peak of its maturity. I highly recommend you try a case of six bottles. 

If a more traditional wine region is in order, try our Monteleccio, a Sangiovese from the Sesti family who follow organic and biodynamic principles within their Brunello vineyards in Tuscany. Similar to the Akitu, this is a red fruit dominated wine that offers a delicious mouth feel. It is vibrant, pure and incredibly elegant. Those partial to Italian wines can’t fail to enjoy this wonderful little cuvée. A favourite here amongst the Goedhuis team. 

These wines are not available online please email or call us for details.