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“This is a sensational vintage for Chablis"

2017 Burgundy En Primeur | Chablis

We are delighted to launch our Burgundy 2017 En Primeur campaign with an offer of these unquestionably brilliant wines from Chablis.

“This is a sensational vintage for Chablis. The wines have everything: drive, energy, depth and weight of fruit. They are what great Chablis should be: citrus, bright, mineral and age worthy. I am confident 2017 Chablis is one of the finest vintages I have tasted in all my years of visiting this wonderful appellation.” David Roberts MW
Unlike the rest of Burgundy, 2017 was another challenging year in Chablis. They yet again faced plummeting temperatures for an extended period in April, with most growers losing around 50% of their yield. However, this aside the rest of the growing season was close to ideal and what the frost took away in volume it gave back in quality.
The young wines showed an excellent level of acidity, moderate alcohol, and fine, pure flavours when they first came in. As they have aged in the cellars before bottling they have put on a little weight and now stand alongside the finest of all recent vintages.
2017 sees a return to classicism in Chablis, with oyster shell, white flower, green apple, and citrus zing. The 2017s share much in common with the lauded 2014s but possess a greater weight and a less brittle frame.
Indeed, they may prove to be the more enjoyable vintage for the vast majority of drinkers and, given their relative scarcity, would be a good en primeur purchase. Chablis is once again a by-word for crisp, refreshing, age worthy White Burgundy.
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These wines are not available online please email or call us for details.