Goedhuis Team

Philippa Wright

Chief Operating Officer

The childhood seed planted by my father as we gazed at the "epic" vines of Hermitage hill (very interesting Dad but are we having an ice cream soon) has borne fruit by the slightly circuitous route of solicitor, chef and restaurant manager. I have been happily ensconced in the wine trade here at Goedhuis for the best part of 20 years, but still find time to teach Bikram and Sculpt yoga in my spare time.  

My tastes range from the classically delicious to the distinctly esoteric. France wins hands down - there's really nothing quite like good white Burgundy, but it seems impossible not to mention Alsace, the Loire Valley and the massively under-rated white Bordeaux in the following breath. While for reds how to choose between Pinot Noir from Burgundy, spicy structured Syrah from the Northern Rhone and the pure elegance of Left-Bank Claret? Throw in a few odddities collected along the way - dry Jurancon, Bandol, Priorato and a whole range of sumptuous reds from Italy. So much fantastic wine and so little time to drink it all...

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