Goedhuis Team

Justin Randall

Chief Financial Officer & Director of Special Projects

I came to Goedhuis via a somewhat circuitous route but have now been involved for longer than I care to admit. My first wine experience of note was when, aged 12, a French industrialist stayed with my parents and as a thank you brought some wine from his local Chateau. All I recall was that it was from Margaux and it tasted like nothing I had drunk before. Certainly better than the soda stream on offer!

On the wine front I like the usual Goedhuis suspects and am slowly converting my friends to the merits of Italian reds.

When not rolling my sleeves up at Goedhuis I like to be cycling, golfing or watching the kids play sport although these pleasures have been curtailed by buying a previously neglected house. According to my family I have a window obsession – it could be worse.

More of a rugby fan but at least I support a proper football team unlike most of my colleagues.

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