Goedhuis Team

Georgina Crawley

Business Development Director

Wine has always been in my blood, it is something I am passionate about, with the thanks going squarely to my parents (who have been known for throwing fabulous dinner parties involving great food and wine, which equalled lots of happy people). I have now spent over 15 years working in the fine wine industry, focusing on the private client side of the business.

Whether it is buying or selling, I love taking people on a journey through individual regions, growers and grape varieties. The wonderful thing about wine is that it is constantly evolving and growing; no vintage is ever the same, you are always learning something new. As an avid collector myself, I know what it is like to have every vintage of a particular wine from a grower, even the bad vintages, so I can immerse myself in that particular wine and understand the unique identity each vintage has to offer. It is infectious! The ultimate joy is sharing some of these prized bottles with like-minded individuals.

My highs have included DRC, RSV 1966, Barolo Montprivato 1989 G Mascarello, Salon 1971, Ridge Monte Bello 1988, Cullen 1995, Gruaud Larose 1982, Exchezeaux H Jayer 1990, Trimbach Clos Ste Hune 1989 to name a few. My cellar includes wines from all over the world; I don’t have specific favourite areas, and am happy to share my experiences with anyone who was interested. My aim is to have clients who always have something delicious and interesting to pull out of their cellar, at any given moment…..there can be no better decision than ‘what shall I drink tonight?!’

Outside of wine I love fast cars and fast horses, long dinner parties sharing great food and wine with friends, and taking my dogs for a walk in the countryside

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