Goedhuis Team

Caroline Que

Head of Sales, Hong Kong

After University, Caroline spent three summers working at three different Bordeaux Châteaux. This led to a Master’s degree in Wine Management with the University of Paris, which took her to 26 wine producing and consuming countries. While in each country she visited vineyards, major wineries, retailers, merchants and industry professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the major wine regions of the world.

Caroline was lucky to have grown up with a family of fine wine lovers, regularly visiting the beautiful vineyards of Bordeaux and Piedmont in the summers, and having the opportunity to taste a lot of famous vintages. Her first love of wine is with the Grand Cru Classes of Bordeaux, but she would never refuse a chilled glass of Champagne or an aged Napa Cab. Since moving to Hong Kong in 2012, her passion for understanding the world of fine wine only continues.

When not enjoying a glass of wine, Caroline can be found paddling in the waters of Hong Kong on a competitive dragon boat team, or trying to escape the skyscrapers to one of the many hiking trails on and around the island.

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