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Ch Branaire Ducru 2016 | £465 per 12 IB | “Gorgeous” 92-95 points AG

The French elections are over, the “Fête de la Victoire” was celebrated yesterday and Ch Branaire Ducru, St Julien’s star performing Fourth Growth estate, is straight out of the blocks this morning with their 2016 release at £465.

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Bordeaux 2016 En Primeur: Margaux, St Emilion and Pomerol

Day two of the trip saw the Goedhuis team broaching the different appellations of Margaux, St Emilion and Pomerol. After the highlights of the previous day culminating in a very enjoyable dinner at Chateau Brane Cantenac, conversation at breakfast was...

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Taittinger Trip – February 2017

Last week I had the great pleasure of being invited to Taittinger and what an exceptional trip it was; extremely educational and great fun. Taittinger is one of the last great Champagne Houses to remain independently owned and managed by...

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15% Off House Champagne From Domain Paul Goerg

With the Christmas party season underway, we are delighted to offer our brilliant (and brilliant value) House Champagnes with a 15% discount on all orders for pre-Christmas delivery.

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Plenitude versus Plentitude

Rebranding anything is difficult. People are conservative by nature and even when something has a terrible name to start with, like “Oil of Ulay”’s change to simply “Olay” or “Opal Fruits” to “Starburst”, there’s the feeling that something’s been lost....

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