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Okanagan Valley, Canada

Overall, I was impressed with the Canadian wine industry. We spent a day touring vineyards in the Okanagan wine region, one of the most important for Canadian wine production.

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Joining the Mile High Club

We recently received an email which we thought it imperative to share with you. Singapore Airlines will be serving Cos d’Estournel 1982 in the First Class cabin of the A380 inaugural flight from Singapore to Sydney next month. Monsieur Prats...

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Wedding dilemmas….

Many people, when confronted with organising a wedding, will be fretting over how many tiers a cake should have, the shade of the bridesmaids’ frocks or where on earth to seat Great-Aunt Elsie. For me, such trivialities were quickly dealt...

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Half an MW

Great news! Robin Kick, our Chicago born wine buyer, has passsed the tasting part of her MW exam. Only 265 people in the world have MW (Master of Wine) after their name.

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