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Our Burgundy 2009 in the Press (Part 1)

The wine press has been packed with articles and reviews of the 2009 Burgundies following the spate of tastings last week. Many of the producers we are lucky enough

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Burgundy 2009 Tasting

A four day road trip down to Burgundy to collect over 200 wines and, perhaps more importantly, a big haul of Burgundian cheese from Alain Hess and terrine

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Ch Grand Puy Lacoste 1996

“If you snooze you lose” is a favourite saying of Jamie Strutt’s and he has certainly beaten me to the mark on the blog front! As the happy provider of the magnum

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Sausages and Chateauneuf du Pape

Over Christmas we planned to have a barbeque on the beach with a few family friends but dare I say it, with the freezing fog these plans were aborted.

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