Shaken or stirred?


The first time I felt like James Bond was when I went out with an Albanian girl called Yuvonna Ridealot. The second time was when I was taken down on the miniature train deep into our cavernous cellars at Octavian.

It truly is the most extraordinary storage facility I have seen and one steeped in history. From the romantic poetry and scribblings of Italian POW’S adorning the walls to quiet corners haunted by ghosts of the miners who toiled so hard to carve it out in the 19th Century.

It now maintains the most perfect conditions to store fine wine in the world. With a constant temperature of between 13-14 degrees, the humidity is regulated by a sophisticated system where any fluctuations can be controlled. Moreover it is all looked after by the West Country’s finest. We can assure you that your wine is in very safe hands indeed.

Tom Parker-Bowles in the Mail on Sunday (read the full article here) last week equated the Goedhuis storage facilities in Octavian to the Messel Suite at Claridges. Mick Jagger has a permanent suite there, which might explain his fine condition at 65. His spokesman declined to comment if he is actually stored at a regular 13 degree temperature and at 75% humidity , but could confirm Mick spent much of his time lying down….