Private Reserves celebrates their 30 birthday


Take advantage of their Spring landing charge and rent amnesty to consolidate your fine wines in the perfect secure environment

When several merchants went into receivership in the mid-1980s taking their customers’ wines with them, Johnny and Laura Goedhuis addressed the issue head on by founding an independent wine storage company. In light of recent upheavals in the wine trade this decision seems as relevant as ever.


Private Reserves has been storing wines since 1988 and, run by a highly-committed, specialist team, is now one of the largest, most respected wine storage operations in the UK. They are currently the 4th biggest company storing in Octavian’s impeccable cellars in Corsham, the UK’s leading wine storage facility. With the same quality and service you expect from the Goedhuis team, Private Reserves stores 120,000 cases for over 3000 clients from all over the world.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Private Reserves are offering an unrivalled opportunity to consolidate your fine wines with no landing fees and a rent-free period from now until 1st April 2018.

Managing Director Laura Goedhuis comments, “Clients are usually very loyal to their wine merchants and wine storage providers, the only real spur for moving wines between bonded warehouses is either to consolidate a cellar for ease of practical management, or for greater peace of mind. For example, we have recently seen a number of former Loeb clients move their cellars into Private Reserves.”

She adds, “Buying from more than one wine merchant can result in wine stored in various different bonds around the country, which can make keeping track of wines an administrative nightmare. This is the perfect occasion to bring your cellar together in a single secure location.”

Your wine collection will be safely stored 100 metres below ground in the tunnels of a converted limestone mine which provides perfect conditions for storage: constant humidity, temperature and vibration control, as well as excellent security.

Wines stored with Private Reserves are insured for replacement value, regularly valued by Liv-ex, and are accessible through your online account with tasting notes from top wine writers and drinking dates to help you decide what wine to drink.

Storage rates for 2018/2019 are £11.25 (£13.50 inc VAT) for a case of 12 bottles and £5.62 (£6.75 inc VAT) for a case of 6 bottles per annum. Private Reserves’ storage year runs from April 1st to March 31st but wines received during the year are charged pro-rata for the number of months remaining. For example, a wine received at the beginning of October will be charged at 50% of the annual rate. This price also includes insurance.

Consolidate your wines and benefit from a stress-free arrangement knowing your wines are securely and impeccably stored with Private Reserves, the ultimate wine storage solution.

For more information call the team at Private Reserves on 01604 743916 in office hours (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00 pm) or email