Muga Muga


The last time such a significant Spanish foray took place with an Anglo/Dutch alliance was with the Armada in 1588. 420 years later, Goedhuis has now decided that it is time to bury the hatchet, offer a hand of friendship and welcome with open arms our Spanish friends to our shores.

And what better way to celebrate this new cordial understanding than to put on a Rioja dinner with Bodegas Altun and the illustrious estate Muga at Meza restaurant in Soho. My colleague Philippa, may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but she has the organisational skills of a king and she put together a wonderful evening.

Founded in 1932 Muga has long been regarded as a standard bearer for the region and one of the most dynamic and forward thinking bodegas in the country. It was a great privilege and very enlightening to able to taste such a wide variety of wines and vintages, which went a long way to answering many questions I had on this iconic wine.

The wines were presented by Jose Velo-Rego (otherwise known as Pepe) who has worked with Muga for more than two decades. He is dynamic, enthusiastic and a passionate advocate for the wines of Muga and Rioja as a whole.


From a sensational range, it was hard to pick a favourite wine, but my highlights included:

Rioja Blanco 2007

Rioja 2004

Prado Enea Rioja Grand Reserva 1987

Torre Muga 2005

All the wines showed the class, breeding and meticulous wine making skills of this bodegas and we cannot recommend them enough for all Rioja lovers. We have the current vintages available for sale and are investigating the possibility of obtaining some small parcels of the more mature wines. Please call us on 020 7793 7900 if you are interested.