La Gioia Riecine 2004


We have been working with Riecine for only three years, but each year we are more impressed by the quality of their wines. I took a bottle of La Goia 2004 home last night (on Robin and Tom‘s reccomendation). I was so impressed I had to interrupt my anniversary dinner to call Robin and eulogise about the wine.

It is rare that a wine overdelivers so spectaularly. Smooth, dense and powerful. Packed with dark fruit and richly spiced, chocolatey truffled notes. It was the perfect match for rare fillet of beef. The only problem was how easily it slid down and the fact that we didn’t have a second bottle.

La Goia is blend of 90% Sangiovese and 10% Merlot and true to the 2004 vintage it is poised but rich and ripe. Sean used 60% new French barrels which gives the wine its supple spice and vanilla finish. Velvety yet fresh, it is a big wine but amazingly inviting. If you can resist popping the cork this will age beautifully.

Riecine’s vineyard area dates from the 12th century when it was owned and managed by a monastery. The current incarnation of the estate was founded in 1971 by John Dunkley. Today, the domaine is owned by Gary Baumann and run by the charming and cheeky Sean O’Callaghan and his best friend, Zolfo, a golden retriever.

They produce a straight Chianti Classico and a Chianti Classico Riserva as well as La Gioia. Classically styled yet produced using modern techniques, all the Riecine wines are refined and superbly balanced – some of the best examples that we have tasted from the region.

We only have 18 cases of this divine red wine left (and I can see a few cases disappearing into our own private cellars) so if you do want a case call us on 020 7793 7900 as soon as you can.