Figeac 1986 x 2


If you drink wines in the Château Figeac 1986 catagory chances are that you are a) a wine amateur, b) have some good friends or c) a bit of a wine geek (like me). If you are a), b) or even all of the above then it is likely that you have come across wines which have required a double take.


This was the case with a recent investigation into a particular Figeac 89, which had a library smell on the nose, and was a little limping, to be honest.
Pop. Second bottle.
This was a joy and exactly what one would expect from a gorgeously matured, fine Bordeaux.
Mahogany core with a brick-red rim.
Mouth watering on the nose with a smoked meet and honey aroma.
Dusty, ripe tannins with layers of dried fruit and honey comb.
Finishing with a gentle lift. Luxurious and elegant.


At a recent auction an auctioneer explained to me that price is testament to what people are willing to pay for a particular wine. “Value is essentially driven by illogical parameters. It is effectively a product of emotion, in which scarcity plays an important role.”, she explained. If every bottle of a fine wine was exactly the same, we would never hear our hearts fluttering with anticipation when the cork is pulled.