Donnhof's Delicious Riesling


I have to admit I don’t have a cellar stuffed with German wines. I’ve always tended to head towards white Burgundy and the Loire for my white tipples…what a fool I am!

Just recently I’ve been swiping the odd bottle of German from our cellar here to drink on those rather forlorn Monday evenings, when there’s really not a lot going on apart from Bruce Parry and his mission into no-mans land under the influence of whatever herb he can muster.

Last Monday my bottle of Dönnhoff Oberhauser Leistenberg Riesling Kabinett 2006 was cracked. It is a supremely elegant wine and is perfectly summed up by Jamie Goode in his Wine Anorak website.

“What a remarkable wine. It’s incredibly rich – much richer than you’d expect a Mosel Kabinett to be – with bold, sweet citrus, melon and pear flavours mingling beautifully with spicy minerality and brisk acidity. All the competing elements are held in almost perfect tension, with the sugar/acid balance supporting the expressive fruitiness quite wonderfully. It’s concentrated and quite sweet, and really elegant and harmonious. It’s great to find so much complexity in a relatively young wine like this. 8.5% alcohol. 93/100”

Almost impossibly good value at only £65 ex VAT per six, we have just a few cases left before we move on to the also excellent 2007. If you haven’t a six pack tucked away I would get on it (no pun intended).