Congratulations to Philippa & Andy


We are very pleased to announce that Philippa has just had a very healthy baby boy. Edward James Muscat. After 9 months of watching us enviously crack open some of the top wines from the Goedhuis portfolio the UK health experts announce it is safe for women to drink during their pregnancy.

“The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), an independent organisation, has said it is safe for women to have ‘less than one drink’ – or 1.5 units – of alcohol a day after the first trimester of pregnancy.”

The Medical world is very divided in their opinions as only 5 months ago the Department of Health advised pregnant women not drink at all. If women can’t hit the T-Total mark during pregnancy they must limit their intake to two units twice a week.

Poor Philippa but all we could do was send some bubbles to wet EJM’s head with!