Comité Champagne annual tasting with Champagne Paul Goerg


Yesterday’s Comité Champagne annual tasting was at the glorious One Great George Street in the heart of Westminster.

I was there to support the lovely Etienne Godard from our house Champagne producer Paul Goerg, showing the Brut Reserve, Blanc de Blancs and the Vintage 2005. Our wines were being shown on a packed table amongst the big names and other smaller producers, and I couldn’t help but wonder what Sardines must have felt like in their tiny tin boxes.


No fewer than 63 different Maisons were there presenting their different skills and craftsmanship in the art of making Champagne.

All the famous Grands Marques were there in force showing their stallions, and needless to say they didn’t disappoint.

However, I was really interested to discover the lesser known and smaller producers. So armed with my booklet, a pen and my tasting glass, I went around the room and fired up my taste buds as well as my humble tasting skills.


A few Champagnes caught my attention, some were truly delicious and well made, whilst others were less seductive. I took our house Champagne as a point of reference before venturing in the abyss of the Champagne world, and I can honestly say that we, at Goedhuis and Co, have a truly delicious product that can be compared with some of the more well-known brands. Indeed in some cases Paul Goerg exceeded them in quality.

In Champagne Goerg’s 3 cuvées we can find a consistency of balance in freshness, bright fruit, minerality and acidity, all with a lovely length.

In conclusion, I can say that as usual every tasting is educational. The Comité de Champagne pulled together a great event, and it emphatically confirmed for me that our house Champagne at Goedhuis and Co is a truly remarkable product showing great commitment to wine making skills and quality at a very tempting price.