Brunello 2013 | The producers


Brunello 2013 is a classic vintage of precision, elegance and wonderful balance. Our recommended growers are as follows:

Giuseppe Sesti of Castello di Argiano| Andrea Costanti of Conti Costanti |Francesco, Marco, and Simonetta Ripaccioli of Canalicchio di Sopra

Conti Costanti
First released commercially in 1964, this 12 hectare winery at an average altitude of 440 metres just outside of the walls of Montalcino, produces one of the longest lived of all of the Brunellos. Costanti’s wines are powerful, intense and profound, they age for decades, and are amongst the most rewarding when mature. The 2013 is exceptional and worth seeking out.

The first certified organic estate in Montalcino. Don’t be fooled by its recent emergence to the Brunello scene in 1994. Situated on the south eastern slopes, Salicutti has benefited from considerable investment from the new owners and has witnessed a meteoric rise in quality. The 2013 Brunello can be enjoyed upon release but has the potential to age for over 15 years. Salicutti is in the top tier of Montalcino growers and one to buy while prices are still sane.

Canalicchlio di Sopra
Located in the cooler northern zone of Montalcino, Canalicchlio di Sopra’s style is traditional and the Brunello exudes purity and elegance with a fine underlying structure. Francesco Ripaccioli is one the most talented young growers and has been making the wine since 2007. Di Sopra is a very exciting addition to our selection of growers.

The Salvioni family | Francesco Leanza of Salicutti | Signor Franceschi of Il Poggione

Surrounded by illustrious neighbours, Soldera and Angelo Gaja’s Pieve Santa Restituta, there’s little doubt that this enclave of central Montalcino has the pedigree to produce outstanding Brunello. Caprili is a wonderful new find for us. The style embraces both the cool freshness of the north and the richer more concentrated south. There’s wonderful perfume and vibrant lift to the 2013. This is very much an ‘under the radar’ Brunello that is justifiably receiving huge plaudits from the press, and its attractive price will ensure that is it one of the top buys of the vintage.

Il Poggione
Producing 200 000 bottles per year, this is one of the largest producers in Montalcino. Il Poggione’s beautiful state of the art winery, located in Sant’Angelo on Montalcino’s south eastern slopes produces a style of Brunello that exudes concentration, richness and intensity and the ability to age over 10 years. This is one of the best value Brunellos that you’ll find on the market, very highly regarded, and one of the most rewarding buys of the vintage.

A firm favourite of the team at Goedhuis, Sesti’s attractive and approachable style of Brunello reflects the warmth and generosity of this charming family. Their wines have won them many friends and a strong allegiance over the years. Consistent and appealing to a broad audience their Brunello is a fine example of traditional Brunello winemaking on Montalcino’s warm southern slopes. A wine that you can enjoy almost immediately.

Distinguished, natural and incredibly detailed, this tiny artisan winery situated in the centre of the town is the epitome of the finest available on the market. When one refers to the greats of Montalcino, Salvioni sits proudly in the company of Biondi Santi and Soldera as arguably the most regal addresses for Brunello di Montalcino. (

As is customary we will also receive later allocations from Poggio di Sotto and Biondi Santi. Both will be very limited so please contact us for further info.