Ashes to Ashes


I don’t pretend to know much about cricket… At prep school I was a “fast” bowler, equally revered and feared within a 10 mile radius of Watford, but I never quite grasped the finer points of the game. I enjoy playing it and strangely still think of myself as a great bowler, but only in the sense that as I might still refer to myself as brilliant at conkers……

In fact, I was reminded the other day how long it has been since I last bowled 6 straight balls…… it was around the same time that my idea of an erotic experience would be listening to the pretty young matron, Miss Julia, having a bath…….ears furtively pressed against her bathroom door.

It came as no surprise to discover that Goedhuis is cricket mad and when the Ashes are on the passion reaches its most fervent….everyone is “taking clients” to the Oval test at some point, we have Sky permantly on in the office, Peter our IT manager gives us a ball by ball account of what is happening, Jamie Strutt gets 22 of his servants to re-enact the days play for him when he gets home………it goes on….

Not surprisingly, there has always been a contagious link between cricket and wine and I have no doubt that the client lists of most London merchants will each have at least two or three ex Test players on them.

A glass of wine complements the pace and elegance of the game and this summer is the perfect time to flick on the cricket, open something really good, sit back with some friends and luxuriate in the feeling that we don’t have to live in a flat in Earls Court with 20 of your fellow countrymen…

So below are the Goedhuis Ashes Openers, which we think will perfectly compliment this series:

2008 St Baillon Rose, Provence – £89.00 per case
2007 Montagny, Vieux Chateau, Boillot – £165.00 per case
2005 Volnay, Vieilles Vignes, Nicolas Potel – £185.00 per case

Happy drinking!