2009 at Lafon Rochet


More from our friend Basile Tesseron at Chateau Lafon Rochet. We are really enjoying their blog.

Dear Friends,

Yesturday we have picked our first grapes and believe me, they are good. 2009 seems to be a very nice vintage but who knows what the upcoming days are going to be. At present the Merlots are nice, weather conditions seems good for next week.
My father and I are quite happy… for the moment at least because we have seen too many vintages starting with smiles and ending with tears.

Follow us at http://blog.lafon-rochet.com/?lang=en , the blog is there, read it, use it, have a look at the videos and hopefully we will have a chance to taste 2009 together in a very short time.

All the best,

Basile Tesseron
Château Lafon-Rochet