Date: November 2016

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Glenmorangie 18 Year Old | A single malt of distinction

November 30th 2016


The name Glenmorangie comes from the Scots Gaelic which means ‘valley of tranquillity’, a perfect description of the peaceful setting near Tain, its home in the Highlands. The name resonates with whisky lovers globally and we are delighted to offer the extremely rare 18-Year-Old. This esteemed single malt Scotch whisky carries enormous distinction, picking up numerous awards for its excellence year after year.

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Fantastic French Farmhouse Cheese For Christmas (or any time!)

November 28th 2016


As far as we are concerned there is only one place to get cheese. And if there is a time for really good cheese it is surely Christmas. If you have attended any of our tastings you will be well aware of just how fabulous the cheese from Maître Philippe Olivier is. Every cheese is made by carefully selected farmers from around France and aged in Philippe Olivier’s cellars.

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Pre-release Dom Pérignon Rosé 2005 | £540 per 3 IB

November 25th 2016


It is always a treat to be given a sneak preview, to be ahead of the game and in the know. Today we are in fortunate position to offer our customers this privilege with a small pre-release parcel of Dom Pérignon Rosé 2005; a Rosé of great sophistication and complexity. First created in 1959 (released in 1971), the 2005 is the 25th vintage of Rosé to be made and the newest release.

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