Date: August 2016

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Lunch at Castello Argiano

August 22nd 2016


Is there a better invitation than a lunch at Castello Argiano? The glorious setting where the wonderful Sestis make their wine, write their books, extend with open arms their hospitality, entertain their friends and dispense their glorious wine,  grappa and olive oil.

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Dom Pérignon 2006 ‘It’s not often you fall backwards when a wine is first launched on the market’ – Richard Juhlin

August 18th 2016


Vintage Champagne is really starting to make its presence felt in terms of quality and longevity, especially to the wise collector. It is an emerging market that is becoming more and more sought after globally as more people discover the complexity of top vintage Champagne. The only problem in sourcing older vintages is that they are often very scarce and very expensive. In the current market post-Brexit newer Champagne vintages yet to be released are likely to be more expensive, and the stand out vintages up to 2015 you can count on one hand, putting even further pressure on supply….

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